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High up North, in the arctic region you will find some truly unique fishing and outdoor adventures. This Fishing guide in Norway opens up the mighty mountains or the Boreal forest where you will find thousands of lakes and rivers inhabited by species like brown trout, grayling, arctic char and pike. Giving you a wide variety of both stunning backdrops and your favourite fish specie.

Norway truly have a unique wilderness, one that invites you to be close to nature. Perhaps even more than you ever have been. Sprinkled with four different seasons it’s providing a spectacular scenery with opportunities and challenges. A nature so clean that when out hiking, you can often drink the water straight out of the rivers if you choose.

”The right to roam”

As a visitor you are granted the same rights as all Norwegians, including ”The right to roam”. Meaning that the government and private landowners welcome you to travel on their land without further permission. You can fish in lakes and rivers once purchased a license, and you can also set up a tent and do bushcraft in the wild.

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Fishspot provide a link between fishermen and fishing destinations through the most comprehensive directory of freshwater fishing destinations, guides, accommodation and relevant activities and points of interest in Norway. Here at fishspot.no you can easily browse in our extensive list of quality assured, tested and verified destinations and operators. Giving you ease of mind and time to focus on what you are really after: a good fishing adventure.


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