Fishing ­in ­Rendalen

Photo: Bjørnar Hansen
Photo: Bjørnar Hansen
Photo: Bjørnar Hansen
Photo: Bjørnar Hansen
Photo: Bjørnar Hansen

Aming widespread forest and characteristic mountain formations you will find many creeks, streams, rivers and lakes which are packed with fish. Welcome to Rendalen municipality!

Rendalen Municipality is Southern Norway’s largest in total area at 3174 square km. Rendalen has an inland climate, with relatively little precipitation, cold winters, and warm summers. The nature here is rugged and consists primarily of sandy ground and pine forests in the valleys, and rolling mountain formations and marshes dominate the highlands.

The resources in the forests, mountains, and nature are a key ingredient to the culture found in Rendalen, which of course includes hunting and fishing. Residents of Rendalen have fished and hunted since the Stone Age, and settlements have been documented along the largest lakes in the area, which date back to Viking times. Settlers primarily established themselves along lakes and rivers due to the quality of the fishing as a food source.

Cultivation of trout in mountain lakes began hundreds of years ago. This has made for excellent fishing in modern times and fish still make for a large part of the diet of residents and farmers.

The migration of fish throughout the watersheds in Rendalen have always been important for the locals, and of course for sports fishermen.

Rendalen is known for its incredible run of grayling during the spring and early summer months, for whitefish in the fall, and not to mention the large trout that are found throughout it’s many rivers.

Glomma offers fantastic fishing for grayling and trout, and in Unsetåa and Tysla you will find varied fishing for trout and grayling in smaller rivers with everything from falls and rapids to pools and slower flowing runs. In this area you will find a fly fishing only zone. In Northern Rena river you will find more challenging yet exciting river fishing with easy access and well-established fishing areas.

At Åkrestrømmen you will find exceptionally large runs of whitefish, and the opportunity to fish for them with a net as locals have done for ages. This is an exciting method of fishing, which simply must be experienced. The famed Mistra trout make the journey upstream from Storsjøen to spawn every year. Fishing for these large trout is very popular. Upstream from the end of the line for the lake run trout you will find the Northern Mistra where you may fish in stunning surroundings at the foot of the Sølen Mountain Range.

Throughout the widespread forest and characteristic mountain formations you will find many smaller creeks and streams winding their way through the terrain, which are packed with fish. Many of these find their way to the larger lakes within the municipality, and who hasn’t heard about the large trout found in Lake Storsjøen? Or the top quality fishing in lakes Lomnessjøen and Sølensjøen?

On Sølensjøen and Spekedalen you will find many ponds rivers, lakes. This area is truly a hidden gem, where the beautiful valleys are surrounded by rugged mountain terrain. This watershed is ideal for paddling. On Sølensjøen you will find the inland fishing village of Fiskevollen, which proves that fishing is deeply rooted in the culture and tradition of this area.

And lastly, don’t forget Lake Harsjøen, known for it’s excellent pike fishing, and Lake Valsjøen for arctic char. Throughout the municipality you will find many excellent offers on fishing, the likes of which include Aursjøene lakes and lake Rundtjønna.

Welcome to Rendalen!

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