Stage ­5

- Engeråa

Imagine having an entire month to simply fish… how would you plan it out? Here we provide a bit of inspiration within Fishspots’ hottest areas – Tour de Fishspot 2021.

Classic currents on Engeråa

This stage needs to be timed with the hatching of Norways’ largest mayfly, Ephemera Danica. When they rise up from the riverbottom and pop out of their nymph shell they attract the big trout and grayling from Engersjøen.

Seen from the map, Engeråa is simply one of many small rivers in Engerdal Kommune. But this river is a favorite of Erling Sand and Torill Kolbus, and is a slice of fly fishing history. The river flows slowly through the valley, and in many ways can be compared to an english chalk stream. The mayfly E. Danica pulls fish up from the lake below, and is the same fly that is so important in the chalk streams of the British Isles.

Remember that big fish can be right up into the banks. Take your time and observe the river before you make a cast. Smaller fish are typically much more active than their larger brethren, and if you hook into or spook a small fish you can be certain his big brother is spooked, especially if it was a trout.

The hatch typically takes place for a couple of weeks around midsummer. The spinner fall during the evenings can continue for longer.

The hatch can vary year to year, but you can be certain that you aren’t the only one who notices when it begins. Make sure to make the journey here during midweek if you have the chance and you’ll be able to have more of the river to yourself.


Light fly rods in wt 3-5. Emerger imitations, duns, and spinners of Ephemera Danica. Waders (wading should be kept to a minimum not only because you will spook the fish but also because you can destroy the bottom vegetation which these large mayflies are dependent upon.

Photo Vegard Veberg, Bjørnar Hansen.


The hunt for large char – trophy hunting with streamers and a guide.

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Grimsa, gin clear national romanticism.

Plan B

If the summer heat has taken its’ toll then then these smaller rivers can be quite warm. In this case the larger rivers in the area can be a good alternative. Femundselva, and the fly fishing only zones at Isterfossen and Galtfossen are good alternatives. Towards the end of the season the river Sømåa is worth checking out when the larger spawning fish make their journey up the river.

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