Stage ­7

- Kvennan Fly Fishing

Imagine having an entire month to simply fish… how would you plan it out? Here we provide a bit of inspiration within Fishspots’ hottest areas – Tour de Fishspot 2021.


When Glomma has dropped to normal summer levels the grayling party is ready to start at Kvennan Camping. If you get tired of catching grayling, the river is also home to some very large trout, is easy to wade, and is packed with variations.

At Kvennan you can target greedy large grayling just outside the cabin door, a nice change after hunting for spooky trout in Grimsdalen. One of the largest grayling caught in Norway was caught just a couple casts away from the cabins on the riverbanks,. It was 67 cm long, and would have made the official Norwegian fly caught record of 1.9 kg look like a minnow.

The maximum size regulations have been very effective, and the average size of grayling here has increased dramatically. Both the trout and grayling are often over 45 cm, and there are trout caught each year around 4 kg.

The Glomma at Kvennan is the perfect place to practice the nymphing skills. If you are truly interested in learning tight line nymphing techniques it is smart to book a guide.

The river is easy to wade, but large. You often need to wade a good distance to get to the good spots. Grayling begin to school up when the water levels drop. If you first find a fish, you should keep fishing the same zone. Also, make sure to fish the through the night if you are on the hunt for the bigger trout in the river.

The fly fishing zone that begins at Eidsfossen is over 15 km long. Just outside the camping area it is allowed to fish with worms and lures.

It is also worth checking out the Tolga-zone if you are in the area. This zone is 7 km long, and located just upstream of the fly fishing zone. The river here is boulder-strewn and difficult to wade, but is perfect habitat for large trout.


A wading staff. Lighter fly rods in wt 3-5. Preferably longer nymphing rods if you are short line nymphing. A 6 wt is preferably if you are casting bigger streamers for trout.


Grimsa – gin clear national romanticism

NEX STOP – Stage 8:

Galstrømmen – in the footsteps of Englishmen

Plan B

If Glomma is running higher than what you are comfortable with, and the hatches are not what you’d hoped, you have a large amount of river within a short distance. Rivers such as Hola or Tunna have sections which will surprise the most experienced of anglers. If you are looking to switch it up from river fishing, there are nice big trout in the lakes in Hodalen.

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