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Imagine having an entire month to simply fish… how would you plan it out? Here we provide a bit of inspiration within Fishspots’ hottest areas – Tour de Fishspot 2021.

Galthodet – the kingdom of big whitefish

We are still relaxing at Galtsjøen in Engerdal. Galthodet is only a short boat ride away from the last spot we fished, Galtstrømmen.

The fly fishing zone at Galthuet (as it is called locally) is an easily accessible and extremely productive stretch of river between two lakes. Here you can find both trout and grayling of impressive caliber. The grayling are typically found higher upstream, while the trout hang out in the lower stretches. During the evenings trout cruise the shallows and aggressively attack schools of baitfish.

It is not uncommon to catch grayling over 50 cm, and trout over 3 kg are an absolute possibility.

One advantage as a fly angler is that you can fish 3 different zones under the same license, Galthodet, Galtstrømmen, and Isterfossen. This way you can let the conditions help you decide on where to fish, not the license. This is also an ideal zone for groups of friends, with plenty of space to spread out and fish.

A boat is a big advantage here, and boats can be rented at Galten gård.

Large amounts of water and large rocks makes wading difficult in places. A wading staff and good wading boots are recommended. A boat or raft can be a huge advantage, both for transport and for fishing when the bigger fish are rising out of range from the banks.

If you choose to stay at Smithsetra you will be a part of a long lineage of anglers. The Smith brothers from London built Smithsetra in 1892. Setra is now restored and we can’t think of a better place to stay and relax given the caliber of fishing to be found in the area.

During the end of July you will find the large mayfly Ephemera Vulgata here, and this is something that just needs to be experienced. Norways record whitefish was caught in Galtsjøen and weighed 4.15 kg.


A wading staff and good boots

Use a 6 wt if you are planning on throwing streamers for large trout.

Photo Bjørnar Hansen

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Galtstrømmen – in the footsteps of Englishmen

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Plan B

You are right in the middle of some of the best fishing in Engerdal. In addition to Galtstrømmen and Isterfossen, you could also take a detour to Femundselva, Tufsingdalen, a variety of mountain lakes with big trout and char, or explore the entirety of Femundsmarka National Park.

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