Tour ­de ­Fishspot ­– ­Summing ­up

- We summarize this year's stages in the Tour de Fishspot. If you have completed all the stages? Get an exclusive t-shirt

This summer we came out with a series of articles on a potential fishing tour throughout the core areas of Fishpsot, along with tips and fishing destinations. Many of these areas are well known by both domestic and foreign anglers. We hope this series was inspirational to those of you who haven’t yet had the chance to visit these areas.

Have you visited all of these fishing spots at some point during this summer? If so, we will send you an exclusive t-shirt as proof of having completed Tour de Fishspot.

Tour de Fishspot 2021 included the following stages:

Stage 1 – Driftboat fishing in Rena

We began our journey with high hopes of massive trout on Renaelva. Rena is best known for it’s intense caddis hatches during late summer, but it is the early season spring fishing that consistently produces trophy trout. We joined Rena Fishcamp on a drift boat trip on Renaelva.

Stage 2 – Opportunities in Sømåkvolvet.

After hunting for large trout on Rena we traveled to Sømåkvolvet in Engerdal to relax a bit. Here the goal wasn’t just big trout, but nice fat trout to fill the pan, and a chance at nice char in small lakes.

Stage 3 – The jewel of Dalsbygda

The journey continued northwards from Sømåkvolvet to the little pearl of a river in Dalsbygda, 650m over sea level. Vangrøfta is the perfect river for fly fishing with light tackle, and is also home to big trout. This makes it a an obvious choice for this list.

Stage 4 – The hunt for large char.

From Dalsbygda we turned southwards again and returned to Engerdal and Røvollstjønna. This destination is highly dependent on the conditions, but when the conditions are right you will find really big char. Nothing is better than big char on the fly. If you are lucky and hit it during the right conditions, the char fishing here is as good as anywhere farther north. Each year there are char caught weighing several kilos.

Stage 5 – Danica on Engeråa

As fly anglers you have likely all heard about the Ephemera Danica, Norway’s largest mayfly. We just couldn’t resist visiting Erling Sand and Torill Kobus’s favorite river – Engeråa. Seen from the outside Engeråa is just another of Norways endless small rivers winding through the countryside. However, this river is a part of Norwegian fly fishing history. The river runs through cultivated landscape, and in many ways is similar to the famed English chalk streams.

Stage 6 – Gin clear national romanticism.

From one little river to the next. This time the journey continues onwards to the crystal clear waters of Grimsa, and the easily spooked trout that call it home. At the foot of the Rondane mountain range, you will find some of the most beautiful trout in Norway, and you will be fishing in some of the most beautiful scenery anywhere. However, the water clarity makes fishing technical.

Stage 7 – Short line nymphing at Kvennan.

Now that Glomma has receded to normal water levels it is time for grayling fest at Kvennan camping. The goal is catching fat hungry grayling only steps from the cabin door – and the hope is to catch one of the record grayling that call this place home. One of the largest grayling ever caught in norway, a beast 67 cm in length, was caught just steps away from the cabin closest to the river bank. If you get tired of catching endless grayling, this river is home to truly large trout. It is also easily waded and offers good varied fishing opportunities.

Stage 8 – In the footsteps of Englishmen.

We again pointed southwards towards the forgotten land of fly fishing – an area renowned for its’ fishing since the Englishmen first travelled here in the 1800’s. Galstrømmen in Engerdal, lies between Galthøen and Galtsjøen. It is extremely productive, and here you will find big trout, big grayling, and massive whitefish. Here there is an unusually rich and varied insect life, which has made Galtstrømmen widely known as a prime fishing destination. Especially if you hit the hatches just right.

Stage 9 – The hunt for large whitefish at Galthodet.

You simply cannot visit engerdal without stopping at Galthodet. Galthodet is an extremely productive stretch of river home to trout, grayling, and whitefish of impressive caliber. It is not unusual to catch grayling over 50 cm here, and trout weighing 3 kilos are not uncommon. If you time it right you can fish the Ephemera Vulgata hatch.

Stage 10 – Rising fish fest at Isterfossen.

We are still in Engerdal, this time at the outlet of lake Isteren, at Isterfossen. Here both large trout and grayling pull down from the lake to feed during the evenings. Warm summer evenings offer hatches of epic proportions, which work as a magnet for large fish typically residing deeper in the lake.

Stage 11 – Short casts, big river.

We saved some of the best for last. Rena has become one of Norways absolute best trout streams, where trout over 2 kg on the dry are just as likely as in the remote areas of Finnmark.

This time we are sneaking along the banks, armed with caddis pupa and making short casts late into the night on the hunt for big trout. Not much can compare to the intensity of the caddis hatches on Rena when they first get going.

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