Marius ­Tollan

Marius Tollan has been fly fishing for 30 years, grew up in Tolga by river Glomma. Fishing areas: Glomma, Kvennan Fly Fishing, Vangrofta (Skrukka), and Hodalen.


Available upon request.


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Phone: (+47) 90 57 61 77

Type of Fishing: Fly fishing


Marius resides in Tolga, with almost 30 years experience with fly fishing and fly tying and a deep knowledge of the region. Here you can find somtehing for everyone, including fishing for beginners to experts. He has guided throughout the region for almost 15 years.


English and Norwegian


The area primarily consists of the Glomma watershed, including kvennan, Vangrøfta, Folla, Grimsa, and Atna. Røros to the north, Stor Elvdal to the south. This region has loads of fishing to offer, and Marius knows it all. Get in touch and let him know what type of experience you are after and you’ll find a good alternative.

Marius also can arrange casting instruction for those interested.

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