Edward ­Scholten

Experienced Fishing Guide. Main fishing areas are Glomma in Stor-Elvdal between Atna and Ophus, and lake Lomnessjen in Rendalen

Type of fishing: Fly Fishing for trout, grayling and pike.

Experience: Fishing since he was 10 years old. Fishing with the fly rod since 2003. Fly fishing guide since 2008. Have been fishing in many European countries as well in South America and New Zealand.

Languages: Norwegian, English, German and Dutch

Fishing areaes: Main area: Glomma between Atna and Opphus.

Secondary area: Lake Lomnessjøen in Rendalen.

Other Things: Organizes a Workshop fly fishing and fly tying every year during the second week in September.

Can fix programmes with or without guiding, accommodation and breakfast, packed lunch, dinner.

Into 2 persons, whole day, NOK 2500,-

Into 2 persons, half day, NOK 1600,-

Price for 1 person by appointment.

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