Great ­news ­from ­Rena ­River

Tre hatches are on for real in Rena now. IN the evenings you can experience both spinnerfalls of danica and swimming caddis pupae.

The season had a slow start in most of the country, including the Rena River. Now the reports are telling us that summer is here for real in Rena River and both trout and grayling of epic proportions are rising to mayflies and caddis.

Rena Fishcamp tells us that there have been good hatches of the big mayfly Ephemera danica, and that the spinner falls will continue for a while longer. If you have the time on a balmy evening, Rena just might give you the flyfishing experience of a lifetime right now.

E. danica in new areas

The large mayfly Ephemera danica was normally found in the lower slow stretches of the river. Now we have reports of decent hatches much higher up than what was considered the norm a few years ago. This might turn out to be extremely interesting for dry-fly fishermen in the years to come, as the danica has a tendency to make even the biggest and wariest trout focused on surface feeding.

The same development can be seen in Norways other big mayfly, E. vulgata, a really good sign for the health of the water in our rivers and lakes.


Even though big mayflies are interesting, it simply isn’t high summer yet before the caddis pupae start swimming in the surface towards the banks. Well, they have been doing just that for a short while already.

The weather forecast is projecting quite high temperatures in the coming week. It’s good to know that Rena rarely gets too warm.

Also, keep in mind that the biggest trout might be the one rising inconspicuously a couple of feet from the bank.

Tight lines!

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