Fishing ­in ­Folldal

- Lots of opportunities

The mountain town of Folldal, northernmost in Innlandet County, is nord i Innlandet fylke, characterized by magnificent mountains and beautiful valleys. The town lies at the foot av Rondane, Snøhetta, and Dovrefjell.

Folldal Public Land

On Folldal public land you will find good fishing in roughly 20 lakes, and 30 km of river, all of which lies spread throughout high mountain terrain. Here you will find trout in lakes, rivers, and streams, but there are also char and grayling in some of the waters. Primarily in Norways longest high elevation valley, Einunndalen.

Folldal Public Lands offer many ncie smaller lakes with fish en excellent condition.

Lake Fundin and Marsjøen have been a prized destination of many anglers throughout the years. Many choose to troll for trout in Fundin, which can produce very large fish. This lake is home to a crustacean known as tadpole shrimp, which allow the resident trout to grow to impressive size.

Since it was first dammed, fundin has become an important recreation area for the locals.

The beautiful river Einunna is a popular destination for anglers. Traditionally it was fished by drifting worms with long rods throughout the rivers many pools and runs, which had produced many nice fish. But fly fishing and spin fishing are also very effective here.

The sunset over Meløyfloen nature resurve and Einunna. Be aware that in this area it is not allowed to camp or set up a tent.
Einunna is a beautiful stream with both trout and grayling.

In Einunndalen you will find traditional summer farms and grazing livestock, without much changed from the 1700’s.

Low evening sun over the mountain valley lanscape.

Folldal public lands are easily accessed by valley roads leading into the area. Folldal Fjellstyre Board offers several maintained camping spots as well as simple shelters throughout the area for public use.

River fishing

For river fishing you will find a single license which covers most of the rivers in Folla and the uper portions of Grimsa, as well as its tributaries. These rivers are home to both trout and grayling and offer exciting fishing. This fishing license can be found here.

Furthest north in the watershed Folla runs rapidly through a distinctive landscape, while down stream the river slows down with deeper pools and is ideal for both fly fishing and spin fishing.

Just downstream the well known Grimsa Fly Fishing Zone includes the lowere section of Grimsa and sections of Folla. In this area only fly fishing is allowed, and it requires it’s own license. Find more tips on Grimsa.

The area between the fly fishing zone and Folldal town center is characterized by mine tailings, and is less attractive in terms of fishing. But it is worth noting that migratory fish, especially grayling, move through this area.

Upstream of Folldal town center the water quality becomes excellent again. In this section you will find slow flowing runs which are ideal for fly fishing.

In the Atna watershed the river atna runs through both in the Folldal and Stor-Elvdal municipalities. This is an excellent river system which we will cover in it’s own article later.

Still Water

Down in the town you can fish several smaller lakes where you will primarily find trout, but also some char. Grimsbutjønnan fishing area is ideal for families with children and is very easily accessible.

In the area around Kroktjønna you will also find handicap accessible fishing from docks and wide trail systems, as well as a nice beach for swimming.

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