Fishing ­Licenses ­for ­Grimsa ­Fly ­Fishing

Pre-sale of fishing license for Grimsa fly zone has been opened.

Pre-sale of fishing license for Grimsa fly zone has been opened.

Season starts June 1st. Only 10 licenses available pr day.

Acquire your license here

Grimsa river – for the picky fly fisher

Grimsa Fly Fishing zone is about 18 km long and includes areas in both rivers Grimsa and Folla. The rivers alternate between rapids and slow flowing pools and offer excellent fishing for grayling and trout with good average size.

The excitement and frustration that embodies these rivers may sometimes feel overwhelming. But stubborn anglers don’t give up so easiliy, they just take it as a challenge and fish even harder.

Grimsa River in Folldal has always been a challenging river for sports fishermen. The crystal clear water makes for very spooky fish that are not taken with leaders that are too short or tippet that is too thick. And wading you ask? Just keep it to a minimum and don’t think about it if you want to catch the big trout here.

A nice trout from Grimsa. Photo Bjørnar Hansen.

Due to the low pressure on this river the fish can be very eager to take a well presented fly.

But something has happened which appears to have effected the resiliency of the fish, causing frustrated fly fishermen, scratching their heads while running their fingers through the fly box looking for the one fly that will do the job. And mind running wild with any explanation they can reach for.

One thing is sure, the fish here have become very picky with the flies they choose to rise for.

A dedicated fly fisher with a nice grayling. Photo Bjørnar Hansen

Flies can therefore be found to be rejected on a continuous basis. Even the grayling, known for being the most opportunistic species, can be challenging to deceive.

Trout beneath the surface. Photo Bjørnar Hansen

Nerves are on edge due to how strange these fish have become. You watch the fish slowly rise to take the fly and right as he goes to open his mouth he just stops. Or, they will come follow the fly for several meters as it floats downstream, and just as the adrenaline is peaking they turn back to where they were laying. And then they continue to rise.

And when when they do actually take your fly by mistake the tension is so high that you try and set the hook way too soon, miss the fish, and more expletives fly across the water.

Finally! Photo Bjørnar Hansen

However, there are times you are finally able to crack the code with the right fly, the right presentation, and a willing fish. For some fly fishermen this is what it’s all about.

The excitement that comes along with this type of challenge is something one must experience firsthand, as well as the frustration.

Fishing license and accomodation

The river has a rod limit of ten rods and the sale of these tickets have now started.

The release of a grayling. Photo Bjørnar Hansen
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