Borgundselva ­Fly ­Fishing ­Zone

The Borgundselva Fly Fishing Zone consists of crystal clear water running through a typically lush Western Norwegian Valley, surrounded by high mountains.This beautiful river is home to a very healthy population of brown trout.

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Borgundselva Fly Fishing Zone

The Borgundselva Fly Fishing Zone consists of crystal clear water running through a typically lush Western Norwegian Valley, surrounded by high mountains, with surroundings that are largely unchanged over the past several hundred years. When you find yourself here you will also find that fly fishing for trout feels like a completely natural thing to do.

This beautiful river is the upper portion of the famous salmon river, Lærdalselva. There are several natural barriers that keep salmon from reaching Borgundselva, but it is however home to a very healthy population of brown trout.

Borgundselva has specific fly-fishing sections, but there are also areas open for all tackle. The river runs through a lush valley surrounded by high mountains on all sides. The traditional farms spread throughout the valley have been here since the time of the Vikings, and set a perfect frame for the fishing to be experienced here.

In the upper section of the river you will find faster runs and riffles with deep pools and smaller falls. As the river runs down towards Borgundsfjorden it slows down substantially and runs crystal clear, making it perfect for sight fishing to rising trout. The rich insect life consists primarily of Baetis Rhodani, Aurivilli, and caddis, as well as a wide variety of other insect species hatching intermittently. The largest hatches occur in June and July and catching fish up to 2 kilos is quite common, especially during the hatch.

Otherwise there are plenty of fish in all size ranges spread throughout the river. Modern regulations that are geared towards maintaining a healthy population of wild trout have led to increasingly positive results year after year, making this a very exciting destination for sport fishing.

The best hatches and times to fish are very similar to Hemsil. Mayflies hatch in the period around midsummer, and lighter gear with long light tippet is a wise choice. The water is crystal clear and slow rolling, so tying on a sparsely tied mayfly imitation is a good tip. In the all tackle zones of the river you may of course try other fishing methods as well.

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Regulations – Borgundselva Fly Fishing Zone

  • In Borgundselva, marked green in the PDF, only fly fishing is allowed.
  • License sales are limited. In the fly fishing zone only 6-24 hour licenses are sold per day, 4 weekly licenses per week, and 10 season licenses per season.
  • Fishing opens June 12th, and runs through September 30th.
  • Organized fishing activities for children under 16 years old with bait or lures is not allowed. Children under 16 years old fish for free, but must follow the rules and regulations for each zone of the river in accordance to the fishing license for each specific zone.. Adults involved in these types of activities must procure a fishing license.
  • It is only allowed to fish with single hand fly rods. It is allowed to fish with up to two flies, with a maximum hook size of 10.
  • It is forbidden to kill a fish over 35 cm in length. All fish over 35 cm long must be released unharmed. There is no bag limit on fish under 35 cm in length.
  • Barbless hooks only. Barbed hooks must have the barb pinched down before being used. Landing nets are required, and only knotless nets are allowed.
  • Fishing is not allowed from the side of the river along E16, from Borgundsfjorden. See the map. Fishing can be done from the opposite side of the river in this stretch.
  • Please respect private property, and do not trespass.
  • Do not Litter.
  • When wading please respect the river bottom and vegetation, which is crucial for insect life and a healthy fish populations. Please also show respect to fellow anglers.
  • Anglers are required to know the regulations in the zone they are fishing. Failure to follow the regulations can lead to confiscation of fishing gear, a fine of kr 2500, and potentially arrest.
  • A valid fishing license must be presented upon request.


Borgundselva is divided into two sections. A fly fishing section and an all tackle section. Please refer to the Map for more information.

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