Game ­on ­at ­Kvennan ­Fly ­Fishing!

Whether you prefer short-line nymphing or dry flies, Kvennan will be delivering the goods in the coming weeks.

Ten days after the opening on Kvennan Fly Fishing, a heavy rainstorm hit the area. The river rose, and surface activity slowed down for a short time. But as usual, it did not take long before Glomma sank and cleared up, and the fish again started feeding on the surface.

The water temperature has recently been measured at 11°C and some precipitation is expected in the area in the future, probably a only an advantage for the rest of the season.

If you hit the water level just after a heavy rainstorm, it is a golden opportunity to test your nymph skills, or go for one of the KFF’s big trout with a big streamer.

As usual, there is a solid number of big grayling being netted this season, and some of the season’s most interesting mayfly-hatches are just around the corner.

Varied menu

Since the stretch is so rich in insect species, you get many hatches throughout the season. Although different subsurface nymph tactics may yield the most fish per day, the surface activity on Kvennan is usually very good when the conditions are right for it.

You can have good dry fly fishing until the river closes, and Kvennan is a great place to stretch the fly season well into October, no matter what kind of flies you like to fish with.

Dry fly fishing started as early as the beginning of June, and if the weather forecast for the coming weeks hold , fly fishermen can look forward to varied and exciting fishing for large grayling and even larger trout at Kvennan Fly Fishing.

Get fresh information from Kvennan Fly Fishing

Curious about Kvennan? Read more about what makes the stretch so attractive to fly fishermen.

Kvennan Fly Fishing publishes information about temperature, water level, catches and general fishing conditions on its website. Follow them through the summer for the latest news from the river.

Kvennan Fly Fishing introduced modern regulations with bag-limits and maximum size for harvesting 15 years ago, firmly placing KFF at the forefront of Norwegian freshwater fishery management.

The grayling is flourishing and Fish over 20 inches are no longer a just a dream, but a realistic goal if you fish KFF at decent conditions. The big trout are protected by the regulations as well, and even though they still are extremely moody, they are sometimes caught by anglers with the right combination of effort, tackle, skill and luck.

Do you wish to fish a long varied stretch of river, equally suited for short-line nymphing and dry fly tactics? How about experiencing fishing in pristine surroundings in an area with few people and lots of wildlife?

Then Kvennan Fly Fishing is the place to be in the coming months.

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