High summer and hefty surface action from trout and grayling

Early summer is mostly over below the treeline in most of the country, and with rising temperatures, surface activity is increasing in all Fishspot rivers and lakes.

Hatches and rises in the Rena River have really picked up, reports John at Rena Fishcamp. The river, increasingly recognized as Scandinavia’s best river for heavy dry fly fishing for trout and grayling, has both mayfly and caddisfly hatches that leave a lasting impression on a fly fisher’s soul. Experiencing the Rena Riverduring good hatches is a must for any angler who practices imitation fly fishing.

The warmth forecasted for the inland next week will accelerate hatches in all the major waterways east of Gudbrandsdalen. Isterfossen, Galtstrømmen, and other first class Fishspots in Femund-Engerdal are clear choices if we could pick where to fish in the coming weeks. The vast wilderness areas in Snåsa with their countless lakes and rivers teeming with trout and char, are also a top recommendation when the vulgata mayflies start hatching there in increasing numbers. Exactly when this occurs varies, depending on the altitude among other things.

Norway’s Largest Mayfly

We must also not forget the Trysilelvaa River and the fantastic hatches of Norway’s largest mayfly, Ephemera danica, which will dominate fishing in the waterway for a long time to come. Other rivers with danica (UnsetåaEngeråaHola, etc.) are also entering a very exciting period now.

Mountain anglers are also starting to get many opportunities, and when the next high-pressure ridge settles over the mountain range, we expect many to pack their bags and head to the mountains. There is always something special about the first real warm period in the mountains. SylanSkjåk and Femundsmarka have vast areas with mountain lakes and rivers where the season is just beginning.

Several Species Hatching

Kvennan Fly Fishing in Glomma has impressed with several grayling over 50 cm so far this season. Andreas from Switzerland hooked a beast measuring 54 cm on a #14 caddis. In addition to various caddisflies and midges, several different mayfly species are hatching. Imitations in sizes #14-16 in orange/rust red and olive/gray/brown have been effective so far, both in Kvennan and several other waterways.

There is perhaps no better time to be a fly fisher. More and more areas will fish better and better in the coming weeks, and if we avoid the worst tropical heat, fishing in the lower-lying areas will not go completely dormant either.

Wade safely and don’t forget your backcast!

Published 21. june 2024

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