Fishing on Skjåk Public Lands

Grayling fishing in River Otta, high-mountain fishing in Breheimen, extended backpacking/fishing trips in Reinheimen, or family fishing at Grotli. Skjåk Public Lands offer fishing to suit everyone, and you are guaranteed not to stand in line to do it.

Fishing license

Fishing licenses can be purchased at most campgrounds and other service and travel related businesses in Skjåk.


Grayling fishing in River Otta, high-mountain fishing in Breheimen, extended backpacking/fishing trips in Reinheimen, or family fishing at Grotli. Skjåk Public Lands offer fishing to suit everyone, and you are guaranteed not to stand in line to do it.

Fishing in the valley and River Otta

The headwaters of the River Otta can be found at the western border of of the Skjåk municipality, flowing for over 70 km through the entirety of Skjåk, along RV 15. This river system offers many opportunities for fishing with easy access for everyone. You will find trout throughout the entire watershed, but there is a better chance of finding larger fish from Pollfoss and downstream than upstream. Grayling over 40 cm can be found in the lower stretches of Otta, from Ofossen to the boarder of Lom.

Otta is largely affected by melting snow and glaciers throughout the summer. Much of the watershed is located at high elevation, and we have large glaciers in Breheimen National Park. The best fishing in Otta can be had when the river is lower, for example in April, May, and later in the season from August. You may also find great fishing in midsummer during periods with little rainfall and snow melt.

The area from Pollfoss and downstream to Lake Pollvatnet is ideal for fly-fishing. This stretch is 5 km long, and the upper zone is easily accessible from the road. The middle section is best accessed from a canoe or a boat, and in the lower section you will find great access from both sides of the river. In the rest of the river there are no restrictions on bag limits.

Lake Pollvatnet is more like a slow flowing river running through a delta. Glacial sediments line the banks and bottom from Breheimen national Park, which throughout time has shaped Pollvatnet and formed its many channels. Glacial runoff turns the river turquoise during warmer periods during the summer. Due to the glacial sediment lining the bottom it is smooth and perfect for wading when the river isn’t flooded.

At the top of the zone, on the east bank of the river at Pollodden you will find facilities including a shelter and a fireplace.

Good fishing spots in Otta downstream from Dønfoss falls that provide the opportunity to catch large fish consist of Søtilhølen near the Nordberg Church, Bokkodden, Harsheimhølen, Bismo, Ofossen, Marlo and along Ramstadstrond southwards towards the border to Lom.

Mountain Fishing in Skjåk

Skjåk is renowned for it’s wild reindeer, and for that the fact that it is much farther between people than mountain trout. In this large mountain area you will find many small and large hidden gems. Many of the lakes lie at high elevation, so the fishing here is best from July through the end of summer.

In Skjåk you will find over 200 lakes. In each of these lakes you will find trout exclusively, with the exception of Røyetjønn (“Char Lake”) where you will of course find char as well. Skjåk has a long history of cultivation, and there are fish planted in lakes where there is little natural spawning success. There is many options to choose between in Skjåk, but here are some good tips:

  • The River Tundra in Tundradalen south of Ottadalen is a little river that is perfect for spin fishing and fly-fishing. The fishing gets better the farther upstream you go. The rental cabin Grønstorrbu ( is located in this area. Due west from Grønstorrbu lies lake Storgrovtjønn and several more interesting lakes.
  • With a base camp at the Sauhytta cabin ( in Lundadalen, which is located just south of Bismo, you can fish in the river and Lundadalsvatnet. Both the outlet of the lake and the lake itself are well known for their excellent fishing.
  • With a base camp at the Sveinbu cabin in Indre Lordalen you can wander around and fish for days on end. In this area you will find many good fishing lakes, which include Mebrotjønn, Røyetjønn, Bobergtjønn, Såvarhaugtjønn, Ålfottjønn, Mjølakolotjønn and Kroketetjønn.
  • If you are feeling adventurous and want to really get away from it all then check out Tverråhytta, Storvassbue or Skarvedalshytta cabins ( In this area we recommend the River Spangi, and lakes Flatvatnet, Bollvatnet, Dørtjønnen and Spongvatnet. On the journey to Skarvedalen you will find lakes Langvatnet, Blåbergtjønn, Rognebergtjønn and many other smaller lakes with good fishing.

More detailed fishing tips for select lakes as well as information on cabins can be found further down on this page.

Fishing regulations

  • All under 20 years of age can fish for free with rod and hand line.
  • All over 20 years shall purchase a license for the type of fishing tackle they want to use, be it rod, otter – fishing board, or nets.
  • The season begins when the ice breaks in spring and ends when the water freezes again in the fall.
  • Always have a valid fishing license with you when you go fishing.
  • All use of dead or live fish as bait is forbidden.

Other information

Are you new to fishing? The massive size of the Skjåk area can be somewhat daunting. In the brochure “A Fishing Trip in Skjåk” you will find 36 fishing trip alternatives with routes, maps and fishing tips.

You will find a map of Skjåk in 1:60 000 scale. This covers the entire Skjåk municipality, with all of the trails and rental cabins illustrated.


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