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The Lesja Mountain Board offers a fishing license for Dalsida – and Lordalen public lands in Lesja Municipality where you can fish for high mountain trout, char, and grayling in a 1600 sq km area, renowned for it’s beautiful nature, long valleys, wild reindeer, and of course it’s many good fishing lakes.

The fishing license gives access to a good variety of fishing in 230 lakes, and 180 km of rivers and streams. Some of these are easily accessible from the road, while others require long hikes to access. With so many opportunities you are guaranteed to find your perfect fishing spot.

In all of the lakes, rivers, and streams containing fish, trout are the dominant species – and they are fat and healthy.

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Dalsida public lands in Dovrefjell

In the mountains between Lesjaskog and Aursjøen lies a long chain of lakes, from Vangsvatnet at 2.7 sq km to small lakes, short rivers stretches, and many connecting streams. Downstream of Vangsvatnet, in the direction of Ausjøen the lakes are lined up like pearls on a string.

This area is easily accessible from Gåsbu at Dalsida, or the mountain road at Lesjaverk. From Møre you can hike up from Ausødammen.

In Flisarvatn, Trælen and Sjongsvatn down in the valley of Dalsida you can also target char, while in the Aursjø watershed, Vangsvatnet, and Vangstjønn you will also find grayling swimming amongst the trout.

In Vangsvatnet and Vangstjønn you will also find some large fish. Grayling around 1 kg are not unusual. This is possible the worlds the worlds highest elevation population of grayling.

If you aren’t keen on tenting, the mountain board offers a shelter at Vanstjønnet for rent. Many lakes are accessible within on hour from this shelter.

Jore – The mountain river in Dalsida

Jore shifts between rapid and slow flowing sections from Nysetra up to Lesjøen. The river is perfect for fly fishing and is home to healthy trout, with 1 kg being common.

Jore begins it’s journey towards Gudbrandsdalslågen between Lesja, Sunndal, and Oppdal. The river is easyly accessible from Reindølsvegen and Dalsidevegen.

On the stretch between Nysetra and lower Reindøl the river has slow flowing sections which just beg to be fly-fished.

The river gets smaller as you work your way up the watershed. This section of river doesn’t get fished as much as the southern portions, but has some very nice spots which are easily accessible.

Child friendly mountain fishing

Lomtjønn is a small reservoir, packed full of trout, and ideal for a family trip with the younger kids. This isn’t the place to find 1 kg trout, but the perfect place to introduce the kids to fishing. With a roughly 5 minute hike from the road it is ideal for tent trips or day trips when starting from the Gåsbu cabin.

If you are reinding the cabin at Gåsbu you will find good fishing at the inlets of Merre and Vangsåe right near the cabin.

Photo Mattis Olav Bjørkne

Lordalen public lands in Reinheimen

For those of you wishing to hike a bit farther to have total isolation, Reinheimen is a great alternative. The distance from the road ensures that you won’t see many others on during your time here.

Skurveosen is worth considering for a nice mountain trout fishing trip. This hike requires roughly 4 hours from the parking lot at Rånå/bjorli. Take note that during cold summers the ice off might not happen until late in July. However, the fish here are fat and healthy, with a lower population and bigger individual fish. Here the mountain board has a shelter with room for 4 which can be rented. A boat is included in the rental both in Skurveostjønnet and Storhøtjønnet.

Photo Eva Britt Riise

A roughly 6 hour hike in the direction of Storbreen, either from Rånå/Bjorli via Asbjørnsdalen – or from Nysetra, innermost in Lordalen, will lead you to Grønvatna. Grønvatna has a healthy population of trout. The streams and pools leading in to Dordiholet, as well as several of the smaller lakes surrounding Grønvatna, also offer exciting fishing.

For further information on individual lakes and streams check out Lesja Mountain Board’s fishing guide

Lesja Mountain board also offers cabins for rent which are either on or near good fishing lakes. These cabins can be rented on

Photo Lesja Fjellstyre
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