Stage ­11

Renaelva - Last stop

Imagine having an entire month to simply fish… how would you plan it out? Here we provide a bit of inspiration within Fishspots’ hottest areas – Tour de Fishspot 2021.

Rena – big river and short casts

The journey is soon over, but we saved some of the best for last. Rena has become one of Norways best trout rivers, after new fishing regulations and maximum size limits have shown positive effects. Trout over 2 kilos on the dry fly is just as much of a possibility as in remote areas of Finnmark.

The last time we were here, at the start of our journey, we experienced high water levels and drift fished with streamers. Now we are sneaking along the banks long into the night. The large trout in Rena tend to be tucked right into the banks, most often along thick vegetation.

This type of fishing requires a careful approach. We typically fish upstream with short casts. When the caddis pupa start swimming to the banks you will see loads of big fish rise aggressively attacking these quick insects.

Fishing during the day can also be good, but nothing beats the madness of the caddis pupa swarming on during the evening when it first begins.

The river is wadeable, but relatively large You’ll often need to wade a ways in order for nymph fishing. Grayling begin to school up when the water levels drop. If you first find one, stay in the same area. Take advantage of night time fishing when hunting for Rena’s big trout.

We begin at the 5 km long fly fishing zone at the top of the river stretching from Storsjødammen to Rødhammeren. If there isn’t much happening here, the conditions can be different further downstream.

The hatches on Rena can often be very local, so it is smart to move around if nothing is happening where you first begin your fishing.


Wading staff. Light fly rods in wts 3-5.

Preferably 10-11′ nymphing rods for short line nymphing. Use a 6 wt. for casting big streamers to trout.


Isterfossen – rising fish party

Plan B

If Southern Rena (Renaelva) doesn’t deliver, Northern Rena has a fly fishing zone just up the valley. This area also receives much less fishing pressure. The water is clear and the fishing challenging, but there are big trout and grayling to be found. The fly fishing zone is 4.7 km long and easily accessible.

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