Stage ­3

- Vangrøfta

Imagine having an entire month to simply fish… how would you plan it out? Here we provide a bit of inspiration within Fishspots’ hottest areas – Tour de Fishspot 2021.

Vangrøfta, the jewel of Dalsbygda

The journey continues from Sømåkvolvet to this little gem of a trout stream in Dalsbygda, 650 meters over sea level.

Vangrøfta is the perfect size for lightweight single hand rods, and the fish here are nice! Only one issue… they only sell 10 licenses a day in the fly fishing zone, so you’ll have to be quick to get a license before they sell out. The fly fishing zone is 15 km long, so there is plenty of room for 10 anglers per day.

If you have booked a license from mid to late July you can expect excellent mayfly hatches, plenty of rising fish, and few other anglers. Before the mayflies start popping off you can do very well on midge patterns from early to mid July.

The river is small and crystal clear, and the fish are spooky. Take your time to study the river before you approach the bank. There can be large fish holding right up under the grass, and they are easily spooked by sound and shadows. The river reacts quickly to rain. It can be worthwile to check out the smaller tributaries.

The trout populations is very healthy. 1 kg fish are quite average, and much larger examples can be found.

The river reacts quickly to rain, and rises quickly. Luckily it recedes just as quickly. As with many other small rivers, the fish can be tricky during low flows and fish are easier to catch with high flows. You will typically always find rising fish in the river, but there is no guarantee of catching them – just a guarantee that you’ll have fun!

Photo Vegard Veberg

It is worth giving a try down below the dam as well. Here you will also find grayling, but not that this lies under another license area.


Light fly rods in wt 3-5. Ideally shorter than 9′. Waders are required, not necessarily for wading while fishing, but for crossing in order to get to the right casting position. In some areas you must wade, but try to keep it to a minimum. The fish here are very easily spooked. The river is easily waded.

Your fly box should consist of midges, mayflies, and caddis. Don’t use smaller tippet than absolutely necessary as there are large fish here. Fish must generally be released.

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Plan B

Has the summer heat settled over Femunden? In this case we’ll take a trip to Røvolltjønna and Abbortjønna on the east end of Femunden and south side of the Røa watershed.

If the forecast calls for rain and normal summer temperatures we will instead pop by Engeråa, to check if Norways largest mayfly (Ephemera Danica) is hatching.

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