Stage ­6

- Grimsa

Imagine having an entire month to simply fish… how would you plan it out? Here we provide a bit of inspiration within Fishspots’ hottest areas – Tour de Fishspot 2021.

Grimsa – Gin clear national romanticism

Once the majority of snow has melted in Rondane, it is time to visit the river Grimsa in Grimsdalen.

If you are lucky and skillful enough to land one of the larger fish swimming in Grimsa, you will likely never see a more beautiful fish, or more beautiful surroundings. Grimsdalen is considered by many to be one of the prettiest valleys in the world, and the river is just as pretty.

However, this clear water makes fishing challenging. Here you must move slowly, and preferably fish upstream. Take plenty of time to study the river and spot fish before casting. Grimsa is much clearer than both Vangrøfta and Engeråa. You will need long leaders and a thin tippet.

The most important thing is getting into position. Clear rivers with shy fish reward the patient anglers who use their eyes more than their fly rods.

Remember that big fish can be right up into the banks. Take your time and observe the river before you make a cast. Smaller fish are typically much more active than their larger brethren, and if you hook into or spook a small fish you can be certain his big brother is spooked, especially if it was a trout.

Blind fishing is not recommended. The chance to spook a fish is much greater than hooking one. And a spooked fish has the tendency to spook other fish.

It can be a good idea to visit one of the local farms in the area. Locally produced cheese, sausages, and beer can help to make a day without any fish much better.

You can also stay at Kvebergsøya, an old farm from the 1600’s which guarantees a unique Grimsdal experience.


Light fly rods in wt 3-5. Mayfly emergers, duns, and spinners. Diverse caddis, nymphs, etc. Waders.

As usual, the less wading the better. Polarized glasses are likely the most important piece of equipment you can have.

Photo Bjørnar Hansen


Classic currents on Engeråa

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Short lines at Kvennan – Czech Nymphing for grayling

Plan B

If Grimsa is running high, you can check the waterlevels at zone 5 of Gudbrandsdalslågen in Sel. Here you will also find gin clear water, big trout and grayling. Zone 5 is a long fly fishing only zone with a maximum size limit, which has shown excellent results on the fish population.

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