Stage ­8

- Galtstrømmen

Imagine having an entire month to simply fish… how would you plan it out? Here we provide a bit of inspiration within Fishspots’ hottest areas – Tour de Fishspot 2021.

Galtstrømmen – In the footsteps of Englishmen.

Galtstrømmen lies between Galthåen and Galtsjøen, downstream of Isterfossen. This is one of the truly classic fishing spots in Engerdal, and a portion of both Norwegian and International fly fishing history.

Short shallow currents between two lakes are typically full of life. It isn’t random that large trout and grayling like to hang out here, and the whitefish are massive. There is an unusually rich and varied insect life here which has made Galtstrømmen and the surrounding area well known for its epic hatches – if you manage to time things right.

We cannot guarantee hatches, but we can guarantee a good time if you book your stay with Galten Gård or Smithsetra. They offer a relaxed and cozy atmosphere between fishing expeditions.

A boat is a big advantage in this area, and they can be rented through Galten gård.

Large amounts of water and large boulders make wading difficult in some areas. A wading staff and good wading boots are a nice to have. A boat is also an advantage, both for getting around and for fishing from when large fish are rising just out of reach from land.

If you stay at Smithsetra you’ll be a part of a long line of anglers who began in 1982 when the Smith brothers from London built the place. Setra is now fully restored, and we can’t imagine a better place considering the excellent fishing the area has to offer.

In the end of June you will find the large mayfly Ephemera Vulgata, and then you can have a grand slam. Norways record for whitefish was caught in Galtsjøen, weighing 4,15 kg.


Waders and wading staff. Fly rods in wt. 4-6. Use a 6 wt if targeting trout with bigger streamers.

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Galthodet – the kingdom of large whitefish

Plan B

You are right in the middle of the fishing eldorado that is Engerdal. In addition to Galtstrømmen and Isterfossen, you can also take a detour to rivers such as Femundselva, Tufsingdalen, and mountain lakes with large trout and char, and the entire Femundsmarka National Park.

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