The ­best ­time ­is ­right ­now

Fish, insects and anglers have finally awoken. Summer is finally here in Fishspot-land.

Sporadic mayfly hatches have began to spark interest from fish, while the ant swarms can provide incredible fishing both in rivers and still water. A solid tip if you are interested in checking out new water are the rivers Hola and Unsetåa.

If you are early to rise you can already witness hatches of the big caddis Phryganea grandis in some lakes. This fly is the size of a small minnow, and as such is a favorite of hungry trout. But, you’ll have to get out of bed early. Some argue the best bet is just not going to bed.

The char is active

There have been reports of good fishing for arctic char in forest lakes along the mountain range over the last week. It is likely to be good for a while to come, especially when you go up in elevation.

The higher elevation lakes have just come alive, and over the course of the coming weeks both trout and char will be on the feed in a larger area.

Watch the weather

There are also reports from Rendalen with a good amount of big trout caught on both Mistra and Åkrestrømmen. Currently the water flows are low, but if you are truly on the hunt for big trout you need to keep an eye on both the weather forecast and water levels. When the river rises it is all about being at the right place at the right time on Åkrestrømmen and Mistra.

The best time to fish in Fishspot-land is from today. Have a good summer and tight lines!

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