The ­high ­alpine ­lakes ­of ­Lesja ­are ­waiting

It is prime season in the high mountain lakes around Lesja. Are you ready for a high alpine experience with fly fishing high above the tree-line?

The mountain areas around Lesja are known for good trout fishing, but sometimes ice-off comes as late as the beginning og august in years with loads of snow and late spring. No wonder as several of the lakes are around 1,400 meters above sea level, or more.

This year there were large amounts of snow in the mountains for a long time, and the snowmelt only really started when we approached July. Then it really picked up speed. Now practically all lakes are ice-free and the trout are in a hurry to eat their fill before winter.

With a bit of luck, the trout (and us fly fishermen) can get a good portion of Bibio pomonae this year. Then you can experience otherworldly dry fly fishing, in a mountain landscape that will take your breath away!

Bibio Pomonae is a real chunk of protein, and the fish seems to know it. It makes big trout, charr and grayling behave like small fry and rise to every insect in sight. By Hectonichus – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Here you can read about fishing around one of Norways most iconic mountains, Snøhetta in Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella National Park. But don’t forget that Lesja with Dalsida and Lordalen state commons is much more. You can fish for mountain grayling in Vangsvatnet and a few other lakes, or take a trip to Reinheimen where you will find exciting waters, both large and small.

Here you can spend the night in Nordre Grønvassbu (where you also have access to a boat). If it is not available, you can check Søre Grønvassbu. Here you will find yourself in a dramatic mountain landscape, with glaciers and peaks all around. The last report we got from the area was from a young man from Denmark. The landscape and the mountains was so impressive that he nearly forgot to fish. He didn’t have to go hungry though …

Please be aware that this area is not for those inexperienced with Norwegian mountains. We don’t have dangerous animals here, but we do have dangerous terrain and weather that changes in a blink. Do your research first and don’t hesitate to contact Lesja Mountain Board for information.

Don’t forget the small ponds and puddles in the waterways that tie the lakes together. Stocks vary quite a bit this high in the mountains, and the trout are unable to reproduce every year. There is really only way to find out …

The Lesja mountains are filled with small and big lakes, ponds and streams that tie the waters together. Photooto: Øystein Solstad

Otherwise, the trip up Valåa – with a view of the waterfall – and to Valåvatnet on the mountain plateau south of Lesjaskogsvatnet is a good tip.

If you are mainly interested in just catching fish, for example if you have children with you, Lake Lesjaskogsvatnet is a good place to try your luck.

Tight lines!

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