The ­Rena ­Report ­– ­Two ­weeks ­after ­opening

Rena opened two weeks ago. Andre brun and Mathias Østli had success with a day on the raft.

It’s been two weeks since Renaelva opened for the season, and Andre Brun and Mathias Østli pretty much had the fishing live up to their expecations.

– The trout are getting more and more active as the water temperature rises, explains Andre Brun.

He reports exciting river conditions. Over the next weeks the fly fishing is only going to get better and better on Rena. For the time being it is still all about streamer fishing if you want to catch fish.

– We drifted the river in the Rena Fishcamp Maravia raft, caugth three fish, and lost even more. The biggest of the trip was a beautiful 1.5 kg trout in good condition.

Streamers were the winning ticket for this duo.

– Andre Bruns’ sculpin and Minni Dungeons in white and black have been good flies.

The first midge hatches have long passed. It isn’t impossible to find rising fish either, and nymphing in the right spots can also deliver. Some stoneflies as well as the first of the baetis have begun to show themselves, and the hatches will soon explode on the Rena.

The wind direction over the coming days will have much to say about the conditions. Rena is a regulated river, and when the wind blows from the south it is primarily cold lake bottom water feeding the river. However, seemingly parodoxical, when the north winds blow the warmer surface water fills the river as it blows towards the dam.

It is still pretty cold up in Rendalen, and if you are planning on chasing big trout in Rena you’d better have your streamer rod. But as soon as the weather turns warm you should expect increased insect activity and the rising fish that go hand in hand with the hatches Rena is famous for.

Are you interested in a day on the driftboat on Renaelva? Get it touchh with Rena Fishcamp. All photos: Andre Brun
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