The ­Rena ­River: ­the ­season ­is ­still ­on

The Rena River still has some really good hatches of mayflies and caddis pupae. Big trout and grayling are feeding in the surface, and the really big ones show themselves in the darker hours.

Are you one of those who start packing away the fly rod in August? If you miss this year’s fish of your dreams, it might be a good idea to wait a little longer before you hang up your waders for the winter.

In Rena, it has hatched steadily since the last update. Both small olives and several species of caddisflies have drawn grayling and trout to the surface.

Some graylings around 60 cm have been reported, as well as one of 2.1 kilos. It is not unusual for grayling larger than the current Norwegian fly record to be taken every season in the river, a clear sign that the fishing rules are doing what they are supposed to.

Last year, some trout size XXXL were also caught on dry flies relatively late in the season. It seems that they are rising as long as the caddis pupae are active, which they most certainly are.

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