The ­season ­is ­underway ­at ­Valebjørgheia ­in ­Fyresdal!

The trout here are known for being super active and in good condition. There are already very nice fish being caught this season!


In Fyresdal in Telemark you’ll find Fiskebustøylen – an old, idealic summer farm in a lush landscape. Located in Valebjørgheia, it is surrounded by rich nature, wildlife, and perfect terrain for fishing, hunting, hiking, berry picking, and other outdoor activities.

Fiskebustøylen is a part of the Valebjørg Søndre farm, and has been active since 1880. Tourists have found their way here since 1916, and in 1999 they began building Fiskebustøylen to what it has become today. Now you will find 3 cozy cabins with a high standard; Fiskebu, Rundebu, and Olavsbu, with a total of 18 beds. It is also possible to rent Båthuset (the boat house) which is a roomy lokale for gatherings with a cozy atmosphere.

The next generation takes over

Anne and Jørund Valebjørg have run the business for the past 20 years, with good help from their daughter Åshild. Åshild Valebjørg works as a translator, in addition to helping out with the family farm and Fiskebustøylen. Now is time for her to finally take over the daily operations. Last year Åshild was behind the arrangement “Fiskebustøylen Fjellyoga” (mountain yoga), and plans to repeat the event this year over the course of two weekends, both of which are nearly fully booked. At the beginning of the year Fiskebustøylen joined the project “Fishspot Fjell Telemark” and joined both and, and now sell both fishing licenses and accomodations online. Anglers and regular guests alike come year after year, and now hopefully even more new faces can experience the opportunities this area has to offer!

Fishing at Valebjørgheia

Valebjørgheia is known for good fishing, and with a single license you get access to 32 lakes of varying size. Here you will find opportunities for everyone! There are several lakes which are easily accessible from the road, and there is a good network of trails leading to lakes deeper into the area. Here you have plenty of room to yourself, not to mention the best fishing spots! If you’re staying at Fiskebustøylen you can also rent fishing gear, boats, and canoes. Each year there is a contest for the largest fish caught, and the winner gets a free stay at Olavsbu. The season is well underway, and there has already been a 1688 gram fish caught. The record here is 2.3 kg, and fish over 1 kg are caught consistently.

Come try your luck fishing in Telemark!

For booking and more information see “Valbjørgheia in Fyresdal

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