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Summer is upon us but as keen fishermen we are allready well into the season. In lower altitudes fishing has been good lately with both ants sworming and the Mayfly Ephemera Vulgata […]

Summer is upon us but as keen fishermen we are allready well into the season. In lower altitudes fishing has been good lately with both ants sworming and the Mayfly Ephemera Vulgata hatching. Due to weather conditions, several rivers has experienced varied water flow and low temperatures. But in the upcoming weeks the insects will be abundant – and the fishing at its best!

At Kvennan Fly Fishing fishing is good for the time being with a lot caddis and declining water flow in river Glomma.

Caddis at Kvennan Fly Fishing. Photo: Hein Van Aar/ Kvennan Fly Fishing.

I Grimsa Fluesone things have also started to happen after a long period of high water flow. This weekend the water level returned to normal for the season and the insects were buzzing. Despite sunny skies, fishing conditions were still not optimal as strong winds threw from all angles. However, the very first of the Mayfy Ephemerella Aurivillii appeared during this weekend.

Fishing the Grimsa Fly Fishing zone. Photo: Bjørnar Hansen.

Kenneth Sørheim and Ole Petter Gleditsch, allso known as “Truttagutta“, visited Rena river and sendt us following update:

“It was definitely a challenging fishing weekend. Ice cold river is probably to blame for minimal hatch activity, and the wind certainy made feeding at the surface challenging for the fish. In one of the few wind corridors that occurred on Saturday, however, we caught a nice grayling at approximately one kilo before we gave up at eight o’clock in favor of a football match down at the municipality center Rena .

On Sunday, according to the weather forcast, there should be calm wind conditions up to noon, and we hoped that Saturdays northern wind would increase our chances further for hatching insects. Up at 09.00, breakfast finished at 10.30, geared up and ready in the river by 11.30. YES! Quiet conditions ….. for 10 minutes.

Hatching where sparse, but suddenly a fish started to rise. Only once, but three presentations later, it got tempted and the first grayling for the day was landed. Later we caught even two more, experienced several missed strikes, before a pretty trout of 1.2 kg finally found its way into our landing net. Lovely! The Rena river is just about to wake up for the season, but Trutta’s season is definitely going on. We look forward to the rest!”

A nice trout for Truttagutta in Rena river. Photo: Kenneth Sørheim.

This year’s edition of Ten Rivers Trip explores known and unknown areas in Trøndelag and Nordland. The first few days, Rakken’s boys have spent in Tydal and Selbu. The guys report Norwegian summer weather but good hatches and fishing in the afternoon and evening. It`s time for the Mayflies in the Heptagenia family (Sulphurea and Dalecarlica).

Kjell and Lukas Rakkenes thrives when fishing and producing new episodes of the series Ten Rivers Trip. Photo: Rakkenes.com.

Saturday and Sunday large fish where rising as the Mayfly E. Aurivilli started hatching in Nea river.

Another nice trout caught and released by the Rakkenes boys. Photo: Rakkenes.com.

Making fresh coffee over the open flames of a campfire by the river is certainly not to be despised! But remember to be careful. If it is dry in the ground, or at all a risk that it may start a bushfire, this has to wait for a later occasion.

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Video: Rakkenes.com.

Rendalen River Assosiation reports that watertemperature in river Unsetåa has gone up to 12 degrees Celsius and fish is rising to dry-flies.

One of the trouts from river Unsetåa. Photo: Anders D. Eriksen/ CoreCom.tv

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Photo: Nils-Erik Bjørholt.

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