A ­Round ­Trip ­with ­“TruttaGutta” ­in ­Fishspot.

The "Trutta Gutta" (Trout Boys) have a passion for targeting trout on the fly, and often can be found somewhere in the Fishspot areas on the hunt for good times.

The “Trutta Gutta” (Trout Boys) have a passion for targeting trout on the fly, and often can be found somewhere in the Fishspot areas on the hunt for good times. We just recieved the following report on their most recent adventure.

Text and photos: Trutta Gutta.

Starting in Trysil and Engerdal

We just wrapped up the annual fishing trip, for now anyways. We started at the top of Trysilelva at some excellent spots on the border between Trysil and Engerdal. It was 30 degree weather without a cloud in the sky, and we stumbled upon an enormous amount of Danica spinners, but unfortunately none of the big trout showed themselves in the nice weather. We are definitely gonna find our way back to this zone, a bit earlier in the season, because this area is awesome. We packed up our gear and prayed for a change in the weather, and we received it… for the entire remainder of the trip.

Danica in Trysil.

We wandered northwards and experienced some days with a lot of wind, but the River Hola this is a good thing. We had some really nice hours in the wind and the rain, and found some monster grayling rising steadily. There were beatis, aurivilli, and danica hatching consistently, and it really brought the Hola alive. Hola is a river that is worth fishing during challenging conditions, check out the film from last year to get a better idea of what we mean :

Truttagutta with excellent fishing in Vangrøfta

We were lucky to get a bunch of fishing licenses on Vangrøfta this season, so we set our course there. What incredible fishing!

Even though the wind was at times difficult, and the temperature even dipped below freezing during the nights, we had exceptional fishing every day! We lost count of fish weighing around a kilo, caught several around 1.5, and at the end caught the nicest fish of the trip weighing 2.3.

Truttagutta had good fishing in Vangrøfta!

On Vangrøfta we found danica on the lower section of the river and another large mayfly we couldn’t identify on the upper stretch. But many of the trout were caugth on size 18 midge pupas during the tough weather. We also saw some baetis. We observed a good amount of Danica all the way to the end of the trip, meaning it will be going off on the upper river here shortly!

Many beautiful trout was caught

Between the takes on Vangrøfta we checked out a few smaller streams, which offered exciting fishing!

Små lureelver kan gi spennende fiske. Her fra det som omtales som “Hemmeligelva”.

But we had the best fishing on the lower section of Vangrøfta below the fly fishing zone, where it runs into the Glomma. We caught some really nice grayling, and when the hatch started we managed to trick some really nice trout. We caught several over a kilo in just a few hours, and of course managed to lose the biggest fish of the trip… a true beast of a fish that was cruising and feasting in the same zone that finally ended up taking our fly. Unfortunately things went bad really quick, and after a couple of runs he broke off. We aren’t sure if it was a big Glomma trout that came up to feed, or if it was a resident fish on lower Vangrøfta. However, something special happened with the high water in this river, and we’d strongly recommend checking it out.

Rena is mandatory

Rena delivered just like it always does, and we the hatches were in full swing. We fished the whole day and night and managed six or seven trout from a kilo and up.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, but there is nothing like the satisfaction of a successful fishing trip. We have the feeling that things are just starting for the season in Fishpost Land, due to the cold windy and difficult summer we have had so far. We will be back soon!

Tight lines people!

Otto, Kenneth and Chris.

“The Secret river”.
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