Fly ­fishing ­season ­heads ­off ­to ­a ­summery ­start

The heat hit the country in full force in the middle of May, and reports from the Southern regions, the area around the Oslo Fjord, and the lower-lying parts of Innlandet tell the same story of trout in the net. Things are picking up in Fishspot territory.

As we were almost halfway through May, something many of us had been waiting for happened. The sour and cold weather that has characterized large parts of Southern Norway since April was replaced by summer temperatures reaching up to 25°C in the shade in lower-lying areas.

13th of May, 2024. Everywhere there’s snow, there’s snowmelt. Visit for more details.

Summer water levels in the Glomma River

The spring flood in the Glomma River is largely over, and Kvennan Fly Fishing seems to be off to a really good start. The water level is currently at 587.50, which is perfect for that part of the river.

The water temperature just tipped 6°C and is two degrees above normal. Consequently, Baetis rhodani may appear in damp weather. However, it is still early, so nymphs will likely perform better than dry flies. The river is easy to wade at this level, so conditions for short-line nymphing should be very good.

Further west, most of the larger rivers with high-altitude catchment areas are far behind the Glomma and its tributaries.

Go for the lakes and ponds

If we dare to give some tips on where fly fishermen looking for rises should focus for the rest of the month, quiet waters would be our top suggestion. Even though the rivers have good water levels, it usually takes a couple of weeks before the hatches in running water really get going.

Waters and lakes below 300 meters above sea level are exciting at this time, and the first individuals of the large mayfly Ephemera vulgata often appear in the earliest trout lakes in Southern Norway these days. You can follow the hatches up in the terrain for a couple of weeks without moving too far.

Frister det å starte elvefisket med litt ninjafiske i Vangrøfta? Med tidlig flom og dagens værutsikter tror vi de siste gjenværende kortene fra 1-12. juni går unna som de siste flaskene med klassisk Dry-Dip.

Early start in Vangrøfta?

This is also an exciting time for fishing in small rivers. With the prevailing weather outlook, we dare to assert that those who secure the available permits in Vangrøfta may have made a really smart move…

The Renaelva River is already on, and fly fishermen can also experience great things – if one of the truly large trout there decides to take. And it is at this time of year that the chances are best for a big fish. You can cross your fingers for Baetis rhodani and various caddisflies, but don’t forget your streamer box.

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