Big ­trout ­are ­running ­up ­Mistra

Vil du perse på ørret? Prøv Mistra!

– The rain has finally come and the trout are running upstream as we speak, explains local experet Fred Olsen with May and Freds Fishing in Åkrestrømmen.

Mistra is a classic watershed renowned for it’s big trout, and was made famous by none other than Fridtjof Nansen. The large trout from lake Storsjøen spawn in Mistra, and the fish run upstream early in comparison to other rivers with populations of large lake run trout.

Fred Olsen knows the Mistra and the area better than most, including the polar explorer Nansen. And his advice is crystal clear:

– This week is the time to be here. There have been loads of fish caught throughout the lower sections of Mistra. The largest was 6 kgs, explains fred.

The fact there is such a good run of fish so early in the season could mean that the population is healthier than ever.

Wobblers are the most effective method, but if you insist on fly fishing then streamers imitating smelt are a good option.

To get to know the river better in a short time it is wise to hire a guide. Fred and Mays fishing shop can help you with this. Either way, make sure to stop by the shop for the best gear, tips, and advice.

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