Borgundselva ­– ­a ­hidden ­gem ­for ­demanding ­anglers

The river which is known as Lærdalselvi throughout it's anadromous portions is a crystal clear alternative for you dream trip targeting rising trout.

The days are getting longer and our casting arms are starting to twitch. Our summer fishing plans are beginning to hatch and these are our days to get lost dreaming about rising trout.

Your dreams can’t become a reality if you haven’t dreamt them first.

One river in particular which is easy to dream about is Borgundselva. If your traveling from eastern Norway you just need to drive over Hemsedalsfjellet before you arrive at Borgund, in the uppermost section of the Lærdal valley.

The fishing in Borgundselva and Hemsila are often best mid summer, and are close enough to each other that it is easy to experience the filet mignon of Norwegian trout streams both of them in one trip.

An aerial view of a section of the fly fishing zone on Borgundselva shows the variation and water clarity of Borgundselva, with deep runs and braided side channels, perfect for trout!
Down towards Borgundsfjorden you’ll find many long dry fly currents where trout rise carefully for mayflies. Photo: Yngve Ask

The river is crystal clear, and the trout can grow large and smart. Just how some of us like it best.

In order to gain a deeper understanding of what Borgundselva has to offer, we recommend checking out this film from the boys at Black Fly Eyes. The trout, the river, and the surroundings truly are what dreams are made of.

Fishing tips form the Borgunds River association:

  • The best time to fish is during the largest hatches of mayflies occur. Typically around mid summer.
  • The fish are easily spooked, and the water clear. Light tackle and long leaders are an advantage, if not a necessity.
  • Use sparsely tied flies. Too much material can turn a take into a denial.
  • Take your time, and spot the fish before they spot you. Don’t wade any more than necessary. Keep a low profile along the river when scouting for trout.
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