Hot ­action ­on ­Renaelva

Renaelva is known to be a difficult river. With a guide you can learn the river and the techniques from day one and have success much faster.

Married couple Ellen K. Fagerslett and Erling Sagen had some hot action on Renaelva on a guided float with John Bond from Rena Fishcamp.

– It exceeded all of our expectations explains Sagen.

From spey rods to dry flies

The couple has most experience spey fishing for salmon, and were ready for a new challenge with dry fly fishing.

– It was extremely fun and we learned more about this type of fishing in one day than we would have done in several weeks had we done it one our own, explains Sagen.

Where are the fish and how should you present the fly in a way that they’ll eat it? And which fly should you fish? Check out our guides on Fishspot if you want to learn more about the areas you plan to fish.

Bond is an experienced angler and guide, and knows not only where and when the fish are there, but also how you should approach the water and target them.

– John helped us to get our technique sorted out, and then we got into the fish.

– Up with your rod tip!

The couple caught several grayling over 50 cm and as well as some nice trout in the net. They also had contact with some big individuals of both species, including a massive grayling that only made it to the side of the boat.

Are you dreaming about your day on Renaelva? Get in touch with Rena Fishcamp.

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