Grayling ­fishing ­in ­the ­fall ­at ­the ­islands ­of ­Koppang.

- Set your calendar for a colorful fishing trip to Stor-Elvdal

Stor-Elvdal is an eldorado for anyone who enjoys outdoors activities and fishing, with it’s many rivers and lakes. Here you will find fishing spots for everyone, whether you prefer the fly, the lure or the worm… the river, the creek or the mountain lake.

The common license for Stor-Elvdal gives access to good fishing throughout the entire year. There are spots designated for both the hardcore fly angler as well as families.

On the Glomma you will find large variation, from slow flowing deep stretches, to many rapids and runs which offer exciting fishing, irregardless of which form of fishing you prefer. Here you will find a rich insect life, even later in the season. This area is home to a dense population of nice grayling.

The Koppang islands on Glomma in Stor-Elvdal has it’s own status as a fishing destination. But have you considered how nice it can be to fish here on a sunny fall day when nature is at it’s most vibrant in september?

The Koppang islands are part of a large flood plain stretching over 10 km where the Glomma branches into many arms. This area is truly unique, and consists of countless river arms, flood channels, back-eddies, terraces, tail-outs, runs, islands and cut-banks, and is undergoing constant change.

The variation here makes it an exciting area for fishing with endless opportunities, and wading is for the most part very easy. A wading staff can however be an advantage.

For fly anglers, caddis, mayflies, stoneflies, and midge are the most important flies to have in the box. If you are lucky and get the chance to experience a bibio hatch, things can get very interesting.

Take a walk down the banks of the river, or glide downstream in a canoe. From the Koppang islands and downstream the Glomma slows nice and slow, with endless spots to stop and fish. A canoe or a kayak is the perfect method of transportation on this slow flowing river. But do remember to wear a life vest.

The fly fishing zone at Sundfloen.

The Sundfloen Fly Fishing Zone lies just north of the Koppang islands and the sundfloen bridge. This zone varies between faster and slower currents, broken up by islands and points, and is generally faster flowing than the river further downstream.

The Fly Fishing Zone is included in the entire area that the Glomma Fishing Association administers, but has it’s own set of rules and regulations, including opening dates.

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