Just ­relax…

- At Vingelen

You won’t catch any record trout here, so you can relax. Since you don’t have to stress about catching your new personal best trout, you can focus on filling the frying pan with trout and enjoying one of the most beautiful areas in Norway.

At Forollhogna National Park, Vingelen Sameie rents out three cabins, each of which are located on good fishing lakes. At Koversjøen, Gjersjøen, or Bjønntjønnan you can find both your inner peace and nice fat mountain trout.


This lake lies 975 meters over sea level, and here you can stay at Gjersjøhytta. This cabin accommodates up to 6 guests, and is only a few steps from Forollhogna National Park. This is probably the nicest of the cabins managed by Vingelen Sameie for those who wish to combine both fishing and hiking. The fish here can be picky, but there are also big fish to be found here.

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This lake lies at 950 meters over sea level, and here you may also rent a boat. The locals explain that the most popular mountain lures work well here. The average trout is between 300-500 grams, but there are also fish around a kilo. A good tip is to fish around the outlet of the lake. Vingelen Sameie also rents a cabin here which accommodates 6 guests.

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The fish in Bjønntjønnan are similar to Koversjøen, but here you will find even larger fish. If you are targeting them with a fly rod it is crucial to choose the right fly. Pay attention to the hatches. This is a productive lake, and the fish have plenty of food to choose from. Bjønntjønnan is a beautiful area, where you can find total solitude. The cabin here accommodates 5 guests and there is a boat included in the rental.

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So just forget about catchin world records, relax, and enjoy a fishing trip at the beautiful Forollhogna National Park.

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