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Kvennan has everything you need to satisfy that fishing hunger this summer!

Kvennan Fly Fishing on the Glomma has everything you need to satisfy your fishing hunger this summer.

The Glomma is quite wide and varied throughout this particular stretch. It is easy to wade, and the channels and pockets are packed with grayling.

In 2012 Hein Van Aar caught a 58 cm grayling weighing 2,2 kilo. Had he reported it it would have become the new official Norwegian record by a good margin.

You’ll need to have some luck to catch a fish of the same caliber, but they are there and are increasing in numbers. This positive development is clear evidence that modern management and maximum size limits are working.

15 km of fly fishing in running water

The fly fishing zone begins at Eidsfossen and is roughly 15 km long. In other words, here you’ll have plenty of river to explore. The river is varied, but very readable and easily wadeable at normal water levels.

This means that you have an enormous amount of fishing opportunities. You won’t need to fish the same pool two days in a row, even if you stay an entire week at KFF.

Kvennan has excellent hatches with a wide variety of insects. You may experience dense hatches of small mayflies at the first hint of summer. Later in the year you’ll find the bigger mayflies, midges, caddis, and terrestrials such as ants and beetles.

Varied menu

Since this stretch is so rich in insect life you’ll find hatches throughout the season. Even though nymphing will give you the biggest number of fish to the net, the surface action at KFF is incredible when the conditions are right.

You can experience very good dry fly fishing all the way until the end of the season, and Kvennan Fly Fishing is the perfect place to stretch out the season a good bit into October, no matter which type of flies you like to fish.

Big grayling like this one are plentiful at KFF, and several years of modern management has only increased their numbers. Photo: Vegard Veberg
If you want to come into contact with big grayling on a short line in a big river like Glomma you’ll need to get out to the fish. You might just need to pull up the waders just a bit higher. A guide can be a good investment when getting to know the river. Photo: Vegard Veberg

Even though Kvennan Fly Fishing is best known for both big grayling and big numbers of grayling, it shouldn’t be overlooked by trout junkies.

There are not many trout at Kvennan, but they can get big.

Really big.

Several examples between 3-5 kg have made their way to the net in recent years. Virtually all large trout are released to grow even bigger.

Big and smart

A properly placed streamer at night is often the best recipe for big trout, but if you are in the right place at the right time you can catch them on nymphs or dries.

The big trout are easily spooked, so you’ll need a different approach than with grayling. Keeping a low profile and wading at a minimum will increase your chances, and is a good tip for catching a full grown KFF-trout.

Kvennan Fly Fishing is also home to some proper trout. This was caught by Bernd Ziesche on a streamer. Photo: Bernd Ziesche

There is a new power station at the Tolga falls just above the fly fishing zone.

– Luckily this doesn’t affect the water levels explains the leader of the Tolga Vingelen river association, Jakob Trøan.

When a big KFF grayling sips your fly the moments afterwards tend to look like this. Photo: Bjørnar Hansen

Fish like a king – live like a count

When fishing at Kvennan Fly Fishing its good to know there are plenty of places to stay in the area.

You could stay at Telstad Gård, next to Telneset, a very productive fishing spot. Telstad Gård is a traditional farm from the 1700s, ideally situated on the banks of Glomma. Telstad also offers activities for those who aren’t interested in flies or fish.

Kvennan Camping is perfect for those with their eyes glued to the river. 3 kg grayling have been caught just next to the camping, and you can almost fish from the veranda of the cabin closest to the river.

Much to explore

Marius Tollan guides at Kvennan Fly Fishing in all weather conditions, and shares his experience gained over nearly 30 years on the Glomma.

To get the most out of your time at KFF, a guide is a smart investment. Hein van Aar and Marius Tollan are both highly experienced guides, that have fished the area for nearly 30 years each. We’re not going to say they know every piece of gravel in the river, and every single fine nuance of her moods, but they’re pretty close!

Marius is very knowledgeable from Alvdal to Røros, Vangrøfta, Unsetåa, Tunna and Hodalen, and can give you a rocket start if you want to get to know the area.

Hein van Aar, since 2006 the river keeper at Kvennan Fly Fishing is also available for guiding. He has been fly fishing river Glomma at Tolga – Tynset for almost 30 years and has guided fly fishermen from all over Europe for almost 15 years at the KFF stretch.

Tight lines!

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