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We also offer exclusive fishing in Langmaritåsen and the cabin Flishaugen.

The Aursjøene lakes in Rendalen municipality gives you private access to some wonderful fishing areas in beautiful surroundings. The two lakes are completely sheltered and will give you the privacy and solitude many travellers are looking for. The fishing includes the two lakes and a set of rural cabins made up of timber logs.

The two lakes can be found north of Henstad on RV 3. The two cabins are situated right on the bank of the northern lake 650 meters above sea level, and the southern lake is nearly 200 meters from the cabins. There is a 7 kilometer toll road to get there. the offer is exclusive so you will not meet any other people on your stay.

Both lakes are about 150 dekar in size. The southern lake is about 6 meters deep and the northern lake has depths up to 15 meters. Both waters houses a good population of self reproducing stocks of trout. They are in good condition and are actaully in need for a degree of harvesting to keep good sized fish. So taking a few fish for the table is good for the health of the stock. Fish just under one kilo is normal and fish up to 1,5 kilo is a good sized fish here.

All styles of fishing with rod and line are permitted here, and fly fishing is good as there is little wind. We do however, recommend using a belly boat, or one of the boats that comes with the cabin.

Fish over 40 cm are to be released back into the water, and there is of course no fishing with nets.


Accommodation are in rough log cabins with self catering. There are bads for 6 people in total the cabin. You will also find a boathouse, outhouse and woodshed. The cabin has a porch with furniture for 6 people. The kitchen have a cooking stove (propane), a cooler (propane) and everything you need for cooking and serving. It has a 12 v solar panel for lights and charging. In the living room there are table for 6 people and a sofa in front of the fireplace.

Next to the cabin you will find “Calcutta”, a small log cabin with two beds and a fireplace. In addition to this we have a similar cabin in the forest also with room for two people.

Fresh spring water are provided in the near by creek, and a small dock o the southern lake provides a place for baths and washing.

For rental of Aursjøene – choose «Booking» below. Be adviced about Rules of conduct and cancellation policy.


Take the RV 3 north from Elverum. After bout 13 miles (Norwegian miles) you will pass Hanestad roadhouse, and after 7 kilometers turn off at Aursjøveien road.

After opening the toll boom, you have a 4 km drive where you will find a y-crossing where you take a left and keep driving 2 kilometers to the cabins.

Find Aursjøene on the website Search for adress: Aursjøveien, 394, Hanestad.

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