Birtedalen ­in ­Fyresdal

Birtedalen lies within the Fyresdal Commune in Telemark. Here you will find rivers, ponds, and both smaller and larger lakes, which range from easily accessible to far up into the mountains.

Fishing Licenses

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The topography in Birtedalen is ideal for combining both paddling and fishing throughout the main watershed, or hiking into some of the higher elevation lakes.

This mountain area ranges from 600 to 1100 meters over sea level, in Fyresdal in West Telemark. Transitioned and varied terrain above the tree line, marshes, forests, and a good selection of nice mountain lakes with fat trout. With over 500 lakes, Fyresdal Commune is an Eldorado for anglers, and we can almost guarantee a good nature experience both for new and experienced anglers.

Birtedalen in Fyresdal is one of the best-managed areas for recreational activities. Birtedalen has a hilly and varied terrain with marshland, forests, and mountains reaching above the tree line at 1000-1100m elevation. Her you will find rivers, ponds, and a variety of lakes, both easily accessible and a solid hike away. The variation her offers fly anglers a good chance to stumble upon nice hatches throughout the season, as they move their way up in elevation. Birtevatn lies at 611m, and the mountain lakes lie between 700-900m.

The topography in Birtedalen is ideal for paddling and fishing along the main watershed, or hiking into the higher elevation lakes.

Other activities include hiking around the network of marked trails, and Birtedalen is an access point to DNT’s trail network in Austheiene. You can also bike on many of the gravel roads in the area, bath in the lakes, paddle, and enjoy the boat life. Later in the summer is a perfect time to pick wild berries and mushrooms.

In Birtedalen you will only find trout. Most of the lakes are fishable with most types of gear, including lures, spinners, worms, or flies. The rivers are best fished with worms or flies. Most of the lakes are home to fish up to 500 grams, but some of them are home to fish over 2 kg.

Recommended lakes:

  • Family friendly lakes: Tovsliøytjønn, Stemmetjønn , Ufstjønn and Bergstadtjønn.
  • Lakes requiring a good hike: Sandvatn, Grodvatn, Gjevarvatn, Langevatn, Bergstadtjønn, Hyljevatn, Furutjønn, Sundbekk, Mjåvatn, Rjupetotjønn, Nilsetjønn, Ytretjønn and Krokstøyltjønn.
  • Ideal for boats: Birtevatn, Nesvatn, Øyarvatn and Brutjønn.
  • Lake systems ideal for paddling: Øyarvatn, Sandvatn, Grodvatn, Brutjønn, Ufstjønn, Gjevarvatn, Langevatn, Bergstadtjønn and Hyljevatn.

Fishing Regulations

  • Purchase of a fishing license gives the right to fish with a rod and reel, or a hand line in the
  • area the license is valid. Anglers must understand and abide by the regulations for where they are fishing.
  • Kids under 16 years old can fish for free up to August 20th.
  • Anglers must show their license and identificaiton upon request.
  • Fishing with live bait, or setting out non native species is strictly forbidden! Help us keep this system free of invasive species.
  • Keep in mind the dangers of forest fires! Fires are forbidden between April 15th – September 15th.
  • Travel safely, make a plan. Don’t litter. Show respect to others enjoying the area, and think twice before lighting a fire.


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