Valebjørgheia ­in ­Fyresdal

Good trout fishing in beautiful surroundings at Vlebjørgheia in Fyresdal, with available boat rentals and accommodations at idyllic Fiskebustøylen.

Fishing license

The fising licens is valid for 32 lakes, further detailed in the fishing regulations.


Good trout fishing in beautiful surroundings at Vlebjørgheia in Fyresdal, with available boat rentals and accommodations at idyllic Fiskebustøylen.

Valebjørgheia and Fiskebustøylen offer excellent hiking terrain consisting of smooth glacially carved rock and pine forest, and rich wildlife.

Valebjørgheia is an Eldorado for mountain trout fishing. In 32 mountain lakes you will find eager trout in prime condition. The record is 2.3 kilos, and fine fish over 1 kg are not unusual.

The fishing season at Valebjørgheia starts when the ice melts in the spring and finishes when it returns late in the fall. Here you will find fishing opportunities for the whole family. There are both marked and unmarked trails leading to most of the lakes, and others are right next to the road and accessible to those unable to walk far.

These highlands also offer a perfect start to the season for fly anglers during the first hatches, typically during early may.

If you’re interested in exploring the area on foot or in a canoe/kayak, you are guaranteed and experience where you become one with nature. And the fish bite throughout the entire season.

Fiskebustøylen at Valebjørgheia in Fyresdal is an old mountain summer farm, which was actively run since the late 1800’s. The farm was in use up until 1932. Fiskebustøylen is now managed by Åshild, Anne, and Jørund Valebjørg, who are ready to welcome you to the mountains and very willing to offer good fishing tips.

When staying at Fiskebustøylen you are also be able to rent a boat, canoe, and other fishing equipment.

Welcome to Fiskebustøylen!

Fishing regulations

  • Fishing licenses must be purchased before you begin fishing.
  • The Area: The license is valid for lakes Krossvatn, Midtvatn southern end, Nuvatn, Holmevatn, Åbogtjønn, Himmelstøyltjønn, Løyningtjønn, Sipletjønn, Nedre Stakkhomtjønn, Øvre Stakkhomtjønn, Laurdagstjønn, Ålvora, Rundemann, Sletteheitjønn, Maurdalstjønn, Gråstakktjønnane (8 licenses), Gråndalstjønn vestre, Gråndalstjønn midtre, Gråndalstjønn austre, Tarjeistjønn, Urdvatn, Myrbutjønn nedre, Støylskrotjønn and Krontjønn.
  • Minimum size and bag limits: No bag limit.Fiskekort skal kjøpes før fisket påbegynnes.


Fiskebustøylen. Foto: Lars Wara.

At Fiskebustøylen you will find three cozy rental cabins with a high standard: Rundebu for two, Olavsbu for five, og Fiskebu for eleven guests.

The cabins are located at a central point in the area, and are an excellent starting point for enjoying good fishing and relaxing in the mountains. For more information on the individual cabins, check out the offer below.

Other Information

Valebjørgheia and Fiskebustøylen can be accessed via a toll road which costs NOK 100,-

The key to the gate can be picked up at the Valebjørg farm at the turnoff to Fiskebustøylen. For more info call (+47) 976 77 991 or (+47) 415 94 057.


Follow Fv. 355 Fyresdalsvegen along Fyresvatn, either from fyresdal or Nissedal, and turn off at the sign to Fiskebustøylen. From the turnoff it is roughly 6.2 km in to Fiskebustøylen. There is a road leading all the way into the cabins.


More info can be found at Give usafollow on Facebook/fiskebustøylen or Instagram/fiskebustoylen



Jørund Valebjørg

Telephone: (+47) 976 77 991 | E-mail:

Åshild Valebjørg

Telephone: (+47) 415 94 057 | E-mail:

Anne Valebjørg

Telephone: (+47) 908 59 950

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