Lake Storsjøen in Rendalen

Photo: Inge Rønning
Photo: Inge Rønning
Photo: Bjørnar Hansen

Storsjøen in Rendalen is a popular reservoir for trolling after big trout. Illegally introduced smelt had a positive effect on the trout population, and it’s entire ecosystem is evolving.

Fishing License

You may choose to either purchase a fishing license for the Mistra, or to purchase a common license for the Mistra. With purchase of the common license you may also fish in Lake Storsjøen, the river Mistra up to the old dam, and areas managed by Ytre Rendal JFF, Andrå and Sjøle. With purchase of the common license, which covers a wider area, it is the responsibility of the angler to familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations of each individual area they fish.

Fishing licenses can be purchase online, via SMS, and through various retailers in the area.


Storsjøen in Rendalen is a popular reservoir for trolling after big trout. Illegally introduced smelt had a positive effect on the trout population, and it’s entire ecosystem is evolving.

Storsjøen (251 meters over sea level) lies in both Rendalen in the Åmot Municipality, and is the third largest lake in Hedmark. The lake is extremely deep at 309 meters, which is well under sea level. In storsjøen you will find whitefish, char, grayling, pike, perch, roach, and burbot, in addition to sculpin, and Eurasian minnows. And of course the most recently introduced species, European smelt. This lake has a naturally large population of whitefish, and one of the few trout populations in Norway that can be classified as “Ferox Trout”. Annually there are trout caught over 5 kg, and the largest recorded trout caught here weighed in at 10.2 kg.

Fishing in Storsjøen is ideal from a boat, but you may also fish effectively from land. In the shallows you will find whitefish, grayling and trout. The fish population of Storsjøen is very dependent upon the insect life on or near the surface, and regardless of it’s impressive depth the lake can be very productive for fly-fishing. Grayling in the lake can also reach impressive size. The largest recorded grayling caught here weighed in at 2.7 kg. Char of course tend to be found in the deeper water. The strain of char found here are relatively small, so while not of much interest to most anglers they provide a solid food source to Storsjøen’s trout population.

The trout of Storsjøen switch to a diet that consists primarily of whitefish and char after they reach maturity, and populations of Ferox Trout can reach an impressive age. It’s not uncommon for ferox trout to reach an age of over 20 years old.

The fish population and ecosystem in Storsjøen is undergoing serious change after smelt were introduced to the lake, which can now be found throughout the entire lake. Smelt have become a considerable part of the diet of large trout, and research has shown that trout have become more pelagic as they chase schools of smelt. Research has also shown that the average growth rate has increased considerably and what once was considered a lake with a slow growth rate for trout, the current growth rate is more on par with that of lakes such as Mjøsa. Large trout can now grow at a rate of more than 10 cm in length annually.

Storsjøen is a large reservoir with a surface area of 47 square km where water is pumped in from the Glomma in addition to the natural feeding rivers of Mistra and Nodre Renaelva. The lakes regulation and incredible depth mean that trout have limited feeding areas, and juvenile fish that tend to prefer shallow water are affected as a result of water regulation. This means that Storsjøen is vulnerable to overharvesting. We ask that whenever possible all trout are released unharmed.

Fishing Regulations

Regulations for Storsjøen: (Excerpt from fishing regulations. Read the complete regulations before fishing)

  • Allowed Tackle: Allowed fishing tackle consists of a fishing rod and reel either from land or from a boat. When trolling, maximum 6 lures/rods pr boat is allowed.
  • All fishing with non-native baitfish species is strictly prohibited. All anglers have the responsibility to show a valid fishing license when asked by anyone.
  • Fishing Season: Trout are protected during the period between September 15th and November 15th
  • Minimum size: All trout under 40 cm must be released.
  • Quota: Max 1 trout over 60 cm pr fisherman/ day. The association will continuously assess the development and need for introducing stricter quota constraints.
  • Catch Reports: All fishing must be reported via web in order to provide information for responsible management of the watershed.
  • A valid fishing license must be held and shown upon request.
  • Children under 16 years may fish for free.
  • Failure to follow the regulations may lead to a fine or arrest.

Other Information

Show respect for farmed land and please do not walk across fields.

If you pack it in, pack it out. Taking care of the environment is our joint responsibility.

Always use marked parking places whenever possible.

Show respect to private land, and others you meet along your way.


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