- Like pearls on a string

In the lush and beautiful valley of Rødalen, northwest in the Tynset Municipality, you will find lakes like pearls on a string. 15 lakes are home to both trout and char, and the majority of them are easily accessible from a gravel road which winds its way through the terrain between ridge lines and mountain birch forests.

These lakes lie in a an area geologically rich in chalk, which means good water quality and rich plant life. And more importantly to us anglers, a rich bug life. The lakes in Rødalen are shallow and productive. This is reflected in the fish population: fat healthy fish in great condition.

The accessibility means that this area is ideal for anglers of all ages. This area is exposed to wind, so fly fishing can be challenging at times. But fishing with light spin gear or worms and a bobber can be effective in windy conditions.

If you are up for a hike into the higher terrain you’ll find several lakes with nice char.

Rødalen has long been used as a summer grazing area for livestock. You will still find summer farms in use, and livestock throughout the area. And in the western end of the valley you will find the remnants of an old mine.

We recommend combining your fishing trip to Rødalen with bikes and a tent. This will allow you to get farther into the area, and experience the solitude that these seemingly “forgotten by time” type of valleys have to offer.

If you are lucky you’ll run into a flock of wild reindeer and hear singing grouse on a warm summer evening.

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