Ten ­Rivers ­– ­A ­Father ­and ­Son ­Fishing ­Trip

This season has had it’s ups and downs for Kjell and Lukas Rakkenes. However, there is more film coming down the pipeline from these boys in Ten Rivers Trip.

This season has had it’s ups and downs for Kjell and Lukas Rakkenes. However, there is more film coming down the pipeline from these boys in Ten Rivers Trip.

Written by Lars Reitan.

– This season will certainly not go down in the books, thinks Kjell Rakkenes on the drive home from Trysil river.

Kjell and his son Lukas have documented their fishing adventures for several years. Ten Rivers Trip focuses on the good stories they create along the way. The most recent episode published this spring on their YouTube channel, is from last years excellent season. They are currently producing new content, but as always it is dependent on the conditions.

– This season we planned out a new route through uncharted territory. We’ve experience a lot of high water, cold weather, and we really haven’t experienced the hatches we’d hoped for. However, its good to show the reality of fishing. Fly fishing is in reality all about waiting and nearly freezing to death, which makes it that much sweeter when things work out perfectly.

Kjell Rakkenes has showmanship in his blood. However, filming is relatively new for both of them.

Getting back into the groove

The Ten Rivers Trip project originally took form at a cabin in Trysil when Lukas was just a kid. Kjell was tired of the eternal hunt for big fish, as well as bragging photos of big fish floating around on the web. When his son wanted to get into fly fishing, the teacher reflected upon his early days as a fly fisherman. They then began to explore things a bit off of the beaten path, and searched out lesser known rivers. The goal was to get away from the places everyone else fished. They set out to focus on the nature and the experience as opposed to the size of the fish.

– The starting point for Ten Rivers Trip was that we were to fish at least 5 new rivers each year, and maximum 5 rivers that we had fished before. Through this we have found that original spark that got us into fishing in the first place. When you don’t know what is ahead of you the excitement is even greater when things work out, explains Kjell Rakkenes.

Nature in focus – what is better than waking up to the sound of rising fish?

Both their website and their films have received very positive critic. Kjell has experience as a journalist, and is excellent at relaying these experiences through his work. Film is relatively new for both of them, but they learn as they go …

– If you have a good story which can create engagement and convey experiences, you can get away with a bit of bad filming and using basic equipment. There are extremely many fishing films out there these days, and our contribution is to convey the good stories.

Full Time Angler

Lukas Rakkenes has fishied since he was a young lad, and hopes to work with fishing in the future.

Even though Lukas was born with a fishing rod in hand, his interest has not waned through the years. This fall he’ll start his third year at the sports fishing school in Grong in Trøndelag. In the future he hopes to work with something related to fishing, and to try out guiding if the demand is there.

– Here you will find loads of people who are excited about fishing. We have a lot of days out in the field, and we get to experience a wide range of fishing. Before I started at shool I was most focused on dry fly fishing. After moving here, I have learned a lot of different fishing techniques.

I promised my dad that I would never become a salmon fishermen… but we’ll see about that, chuckles Lukas. In Grong there are fanatastic opportunities for salmon fishing and fishing in the salt.

A Soft Spot for Trysil

So far this father son duo are still very good fishing buddies, continually planning new adventures with the both printed and google maps. They get a lot of good tips from people they meet along the way. In addition there is loads of information to be found online, where they discuss fishing and general outdoor life. The boys have been particularly impressed by a few different areas…

Each season they explore at least 5 new rivers in Norway.

– The rivers in South-Trøndelag have been a positive surprise. Between Røros and Selbu you’ll find a plethora of small rivers, which offer unforgettable fishing. The nature here is beautiful, and you won’t see many people out and about, says Kjell.

When you are uncertain what a river actually has to offer they joy of finding nice fish is that much sweeter.

– Trysilelva however is always closest to our hearts. When you learn the river here you’ll find areas with fantastic hatches, and here you can stretch out the season. We’ve even seen caddis hatches in may.

Even though the trout here are “the big deal”, the grayling fishing is a totally different experience than in Rena. This summer I caught a grayling weighing 600 grams, which gave an incredible fight! I was certain it was a trout. In Trysil we catch loads of grayling and whitefish in good condition. Luckily we like eating fish too, concludes Rakkenes.

Here you can see the most recent film from Ten Rivers Trip:

Website: www.rakkenes.com

This years season has been plagued by high water and cold weather, but there have certainly been some good days!
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