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A canoe is the vessel of choice in Femundsmarka, with many advantages, offering a totally unique nature experience. Here Jan Nordvålen lists 5 good trip tips in Femundsmarka.

A canoe is the vessel of choice in Femundsmarka, with many advantages, offering a totally unique nature experience. One of the most obvious advantages is of course that you don’t need to walk. It is also much more comfortable with your backpack seated behind you instead of on your back. This allows you to pack more of the finer things you might enjoy on your trip. A canoe is also a family friendly method of transportation, but it smart to match your ambitions to your families capabilities. It isn’t wise to start your paddling career biting off more than you can chew, luckily there are plenty of alternatives for all ages and skill levels. Paddling is the perfect activity for families both with and without kids, young and old. If you like fishing then make sure to pack your rods. It is easy to get to the right spots with a canoe.

Engerdal and Femundsmarka are well known for paddling. Here you can also rent canoes via Femund Canoe Camp. They will have your canoes rigged and ready by the time you arrive.

Overseer Jan Nordvålen at Engerdal Fjellstyre has loads of experience and knows the area well. Here he lists 5 good touring tips for canoeing in Femundsmarka. These are trips which are ideal for most, but as mentioned previously make sure to plan your trip according to your abilities.

Jan Nordvålen overseer with Engerdal Fjellstyre

Canoe Trip 1: Jyltingsmarka

Jyltingsmarka is an area with many smaller lakes just northwest of Drevsjø, which is partially connected with by smaller streams. This is an ideal area for the entire family over a few days. The lakes are safe to paddle, with several access points and many nice places to set up camp. There are no long portages required and no large rapids. The area can be accessed from Glen, the southern end of Halvorsjøen, the north end of Storjyltingen, or from Bursjøen. The lakes here have good populations of grayling, whitefish, pike and perch. These lakes are safe to paddle for those with little experience.

Canoe Trip 2: Gutulisjøen

Gutulisjøen at Gutulia National Park is an ideal lake for a day trip or an overnighter. There is a road leading all the way to the lake. When you first come to the area, it is smart to make a pit stop at Gutulivollen. Here you will find coffee, pankakes, and drinks during the summer. A short hike up to Gutulivola to take i the panoramic view is also highly recommended. The lake offers good fishing.

Canoe Trip 3: Elgådalen

Elgådalen is an underrated area in terms of paddling. If you are willing to port your canoe and equipment a bit, this is an ideal alternative. You can begin at the bridge between Yttersjøen and Fjellgutusjøen. This is a gorgeous area, with one of the districts nicest sand beaches on Fjellgutusjøen. From here you can carry your canoe up to Hammarsjøen, and then to Storsjøen and Litjsjøen, and finally down to Båthussjøen and Djupsjøen. The area offers good fishing, majestic nature, and the opportunity for many nice hikes.

Canoe Trip 4: Isteren

Isteren is a large and beatiful lake with many bays and points, which breaks up the lake quite a bit, making it a calmer alternative to Femund. An ideal starting point is at Tømmervika on the southeast end of the lake, which is easily accessible with good parking. Isteren is ideal for a multi-day trip, with loads of nice camping spots and beautiful beaches. Known for its good fishing, here you will find grayling, trout, whitefish, pike, and perch.

Canoe Trip 5: Sølensjøen

Sølensjøenlies in Rendalen Kommune, a fine destination. This is a trip which can easily be combined with a trip to Isteren. If you were to begin in Isteren, then you would wheel your canoe 6 km along Sølendalsveien road over to Sølensjøen. The lake is very nice to paddle, and it lies right below the majestic Sølentoppen mountain. It is also possible to paddle up Sølna on the north end of the lake, but you must plan to port your canoe up over a few small rapids. A detour to lake Arasjøen is also possible.

Femund Canoe Camp

If you do not have your own canoe, or simply don’t want to bother with transport, you should get in touch with Femund Canoe Camp.

At Femund Canoe Camp you will find everything you need. Here you can order canoe packages with everything you need for a successful paddling trip. Choose between BASIC, PLUS+ or PREMIUM. Beside renting a canoe, you can also rent a tent, cabin, or just hang out and relax at the camp. Here you will find a small playground, a grill house, ping pong table, sauna, cafe, and other facilities.

Femundsmarka also offers opportunities for longer expeditions for experienced paddlers in good physical condition. Jan Lillestu grew up in Engerdal, and is very active in Femundsmarka. Here is a video from one of his canoe trips.

Join Jan Lillestu on a canoe trip in Femundsmarka.
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